Take a look to the article GlobalShakers.com published recently on the vision of Joshua Konkankoh for both Ndanifor and Bafut Ecovillages, and for a real alternative for the much-needed system change.

Interview with Crystel Koh

Last March 27th 2020, we conducted an online interview with Crystel Koh, a volunteer with BetterWorld Cameroon, which you can view entirely in the link above.

Crystel is an important member of our organization, conducting her work mostly on Youth Development, Women Empowerment and High-Value Agricultural Products. Throughout this interview, she explains the main motivations and goals behind her and BetterWorld Cameroon’s work with their communities, as well as the vision they hold for the future of Cameroonians.

She was selected to participate in this year’s Camp 2030, the UN’s global youth-led innovation lab on the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, nonetheless she is struggling with the financial demands for her participation. With this interview, besides raising awareness for the work being developed and BetterWorld Cameroon’s Bafut EcoVision 2030, it’s our goal to raise those financial means to support her.

If you identify with Crystel’s vision and would like to see her develop her work and establish more partnerships worldwide, please make your donation here or through the “Donate” button above.

Better World Cameroon in Portugal

Listen to Relíquias acolhe vizinhos vindos dos Camarões. by Radio RIO on #SoundCloud

A welcoming message from the President of the Parish Council of Relíquias to Joshua Konkankoh, Nchang Celestine, Malcolm Koh, Neba Grace, Nyemkuna Elizabeth and Koh Crystel, members of Better World Cameroon, currently living in the small town in Southern Portugal due to the escalation of the civil war affecting Cameroon.

BWC Cameroon in University of Coimbra

Read the welcome letter from the director of the Master’s program in Peace, Security and Development Studies at the University of Coimbra to Joshua Konkankoh below.


BAFUT Peace Ecovillage

What does it take to transform an existing traditional village or rural area into an ecovillage?

An Ecovillage is a human-scale, full-featured settlement, with multiple centers of initiative, in which human activities are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development, and can be successfully continued into the indefinite future. (Robert Gilman)

Better World Cameroon helps the local stakeholders in the realization of sustainable development work for Bafut. Many of our activities can be seen as connected to this ambitious and complex goal of creating Bafut Ecovillage by 2020.

The basic matter of our programmes are made of ideas, vision of healing biotopes and information for the most central mental shift. To realise peace villages, we have to know what peace is through reconnecting with our indigenous knowledge systems to learn the rules of trust solidarity and love.

Cocreation with Tamera in this area and mutual support will lead us to the rediscovery of community from our African perspective and enhance the ability of our youth to rewrite our history, our lamguage and our tradition. The youth will be able to tell their own stories.

The programmes based on the spirit of Ndanifor are geered building a sense of solidarity and belonging to encourage youth to care of each other and to relearn our values and our culture. All the programme activities will use the concept of the Living Biotope to bring healing to our traumatised youth and women.

For more detailed information, please visit the following link:  BAFUT Ecovillage


Community sensitization and information exchange

Change and desire for transition must come from within: individuals and communities are looking for solutions and a way forward in the face of Climate Change. Any solution will need to be grounded in local culture, wisdom and agreement. We are using multiple venues for exchange of information:

  • Broadcasting (In collaboration with the Climate Change Unit at Bafut Council)
  • Social networking through Facebook and other channels, this website and our YouTube channel
  • Market stand (2016) and Information booths at events
  • Permaculture roadshow 
  • Village Assemblies 

Education and trainingteaching women stove building

  • Nature Clubs in Schools are operating under Better World Student Nature Club.
  • Ecovillage Design Education following Gaia Education guidelines
  • Food security programs: Addressing Farmers issues and developing local solutions.
  • Annual international summer work camp for students: hands-on leadership training and Permaculture introduction
  • Capacity building for volunteers
  • Stove building workshops delivering smoke free kitchens to households throughout the region


Demonstration site Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage

This is where we invite folks to come and experience hands-on training courses, see permaculture applications and conduct experiments for solutions. We work closely with our immediate surrounding community of Bawum and Alegnwi.

  • Ecological building: Learning Center and Eco-lodge
  • Permaculture application
  • High Value Agricultural Product development
  • Water retention Landscape (in planning)

Social business development

How can we do business that benefits all areas of sustainability: economic, environmental, cultural and social? This is the question we are exploring through Better Coop, taking responsibility for

  • Eco-Lodge and Learning Center operations
  • High Value Agriculture Products
  • Stove building


Become part of the transition

We invite your input and participation! Call us 651 995 755 . Become a volunteer or enroll for a course. Stay current on the development of Bafut Ecovillage by making your subscription on the sidebar, and consult our Facebook often (which you can make your ‘Like’ on the sidebar as well).

We are currently seeking SEED funding for Training of Trainers (ToT) programs for Peace and Relief workers (in Portugal), as well as for Refugees, IDPs and Migrating students (in Cameroon). We are also raising funds to rehabilitate Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage, our Permaculture Training & Demonstration Site devasted by the genocidal war, and to bring relief to the displaced young people and the returning refugees.

Please help changing hundreds of lives by making your donation here, or by clicking in the “Donate with PayPal” button on the sidebar.

Cocasia presentation
Cocasia presentation



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  1. I the permaculture idea and will volunteer. very interested in livelihood development

  2. Greetings from Grupo Fenix North Nicaragua. We are an organization with similar values, history, experience, and practices as what I see in your website. The videos about Bafut have refueled the vision that has grown in our community. It will be valuable to keep in contact.

  3. Magnifique projet ! L’Afrique est un continent aux extraordinaires ressources ; Puissiez-vous diffuser la bonne parole et surtout les bonnes pratiques partout autours de vous. Merci ♥ ♥ ♥
    Co-présidente Réseau Français des Ecovillages

  4. Better live is a good avenue of learning.it is a reputable innovative organization that is worthwhile.i learn in your everyday post.wish and hope to always keep in touch.

  5. I have a pation of preserving the environment from all this environmental delima so will be happy if am given the chance to participate in some project

  6. I like what better world Cameroon is doing,their every activities carried out in Bafut.But now I will like to ask a question; with the crisis going on now,how does better world Cameroon get to carry out it’s activities? Because I will like to volunteer

    1. We continue to work in our office in Bamenda, located at Che Street. You can go through our website and fill out our volunteer application form.

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