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Ecological building training

learning to build with earth

An Ecological building company in Bafut Along with our building projects of the past two seasons (Eco hut and Meeting hall & kitchen) we have been training people in ecological building techniques. We introduced building with Cob, made natural plaster, … Continue reading →

Gifts of empowerment

farmers share

It is the season of gift giving Who do you choose to support with your donations or efforts? Are you hosting a seasonal party that could be a fundraising event? Does the company you work for support charity? Looking at … Continue reading →

Grand Opening of Permaculture Learning Center Bafut

After five months of construction, the Permaculture Learning Center at the Better World Cameroon (BWC) Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage was presented to the public, during its grand opening April 10th, 2015. This facility, funded by the North American branch of cosmetics … Continue reading →

Progress at Ndanifor Ecovillage and farm

Progress looks like seeing the Meeting Hall/Kitchen close to completion and the land transformed in preparation for planting. All around the community residents have been busy cultivating, moving the previous year’s vegetative material off the beds and in between the … Continue reading →

We are happy to share our latest Mini documentary:

We are sharing this video at the Global Ecovillage summit in Senegal .

Mbah Sonita, Konkankoh Joshua and Bafut Mayor Langsi were invited to this event, and will be presenting the work of Better world Cameroon and the Bafut council and palace toward Ecovillage Bafut 2020.

More about the conference soon. For now enjoy the video!

LUSH Canada makes Meeting Hall project reality

Volunteers and board of BWC

November 1st marked the beginning of the construction of a Meeting hall with kitchen at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage.

Everyone at BWC is excited to see this building come to reality and we wish to thank and acknowledge LUSH Charity Pot for funding this project.

The building will be built with ecological building principles of local materials and climate responsive design. The kitchen will feature an improved cook stove and bread oven.

We draw on the skills of local builders and craftsmen and women in building a dry stone foundation, earthen walls and details with raffia bamboo.

Volunteer builder and architect Elke Cole is on site to oversee the construction which is scheduled to be completed in April 2015.

You can follow our building progress on Facebook