Jocelyn Jones visits BWC

By Koh Crystel

Better World Cameroon wishes to inform you of the visit of Jocelyn Jones, Coordinator of World Family UK to Cameroon this November 4th – December 2nd 2015. Founded in 2007, World Family is an organization that creates spaces for dialogue between small scale farmers and people who value the food, environment and communities that underpin our cultures. They work in solidarity with those seeking to defend or recover their Food Sovereignty and Food Security, whether in UK or Africa. According to them, people and the food we eat are too important to be turned into mere commodities. It is through small acts of solidarity that we can empower small scale farmers to feed themselves and the world.

Both BWC and world family are deeply committed to the development of organic farming and entrepreneurship endeavors for youth and women based permaculture principles.

The purpose of her visit to better World Cameroon Bamenda is :

  • To understand the Food Security and Food Sovereignty needs of the Bafut Community and the North West Region of Cameroon.
  • To talk with village elders, authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and the seed/tuber savers about their perspective and their personal /community experience regarding the disease and near-disappearance of the colocosia species of cocoyam used to make the staple “Achu”.
  • To make links with local Universities in the region with a view to collaborative research into the source and causes of the cocoyam diseases from a scientific perspective.
  • To prepare the ground for the creation of a seed bank at the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage to preserve and propagate indigenous seeds and tubers for sustainable agriculture and restoring food sovereignty.
  • To set up a debate between young graduates and farmers regarding the pros and cons of indigenous, hybrid and Genetically Modified Seeds and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

She brings along

Information from the Community University Partnership Programme based in Brighton, UK to assist with the collaboration between BWC and the local Universities.

Films and books to provide the young farmers and graduates with a basis for debate on seed alternatives.

Experience in bringing out the perspective of farmer elders, particularly women, regarding both Seed and Food Sovereignty.

2 thoughts on “Better World Cameroon Receives Jocelyn Jones of World Family UK”

  1. Jocelyn has come with digital resources on agroecology and food security for our Learning Center which will not only awaken more possibilities for youth and women but will add richness to human interaction and nourish relationships.
    She is helping with curriculum development for workshops on ecological farming, cross-culture education and climate adaptation.

  2. Waou that is wonderful news to talk of food security and sovereignty. An empty stomach has no ear. I think food sovereignty is one of the key-word we should be using when we are talk of Sustainable Development. Such a visit is highly welcome in the North West Region of Cameroon where many farmers are challenged with a lot of crop pests.We look forward to the outcome of this outstanding visit.

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