Last Friday 22 April, Better World Cameroon joined over one billion people in 192 countries were for the largest civic observance in the world: the Earth Day.

This year’s event was commemorated under the theme “Trees for the Earth”. As a Cameroonian organization, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to join the international community in celebrating this day. Thus we organized an event in the North West region to mark the celebration. On that some of our part morning, some of our partners; the Green’s, the Yem’s Group, Kedjum Keku and CCESN were in Babanki to raise Youth awareness on the Babanki forest conservation, which culminated in the blending of education and tree-planting.




These same organisations later joined BWC for a great afternoon. Thanks to the assistance of the French Alliance, BWC was able to organize and screen a movie, the animated movie “Wall-e”.  Projected into the future in the year 2805, this dystopia shows the Earth desolate, abandoned and covered in heaps of garbage left over from decades of mass consumerism facilitated by a mega corporation. Earth’s population has been evacuated and only robots remained to clean the Planet for Humanity’s eventual return.


More than 100 highly enthusiastic students from 5 different schools ( GBHS Bamenda, GBHS Bamendankwe, GTHS Bamenda, GBHS Downtown, PCSS Aziree ) attentively watched the film and later on participated in our debate: From the protection of the environment, to the consumer society, what’s the link? We wanted them to connect the dots between the fictional future in the movie and reality: we questioned them about global crisis which the world is facing, in a bid to help them create meaningful actions towards keeping and building paths towards desirable and sustainable models of society. This participatory and interactive debate lets us think and believe that the Youth are highly aware of current problems and they are ready to think about collective solutions which can be setup. Therefore, education should be at the core of our collective reflection.




On Saturday, April 23, BWC members were on live on Abakwa Fm, to strengthen the growing dynamic by participating in the Green radio program. Under the theme “Earth Day”, our volunteers Koh Herman, Leona Franke and Jérôme Cardinal were discussing and debating with volunteers from our other partner organisations in an overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere, as a about the success of the Earth Day event.


We strongly believe that the first stone for a strong collaboration has been laid down. These organizations are working in the same direction, and the creation of a network of alternative solutions to a common issue; by cooperating could give shape to the local transitions that are to come.


( We warmly thank our partners for the pictures. For more pictures about the morning event : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.990052334418933.1073741847.247668948657279&type=3 )




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