Fons dance in Bafut

by Clive Michael Justice, guest editor

The dry season is upon us along with the Christmas season. It is a time of reflection and as I look back over the short time I’ve been here in Cameroon I see  a great deal has been accomplished.
As the guest editor for this new version of the ‘BetterNews’  hosted on a revitalized and expanded website, I am encouraged and inspired by the tremendous commitment and dedication I’ve seen by the team.
Our volunteer from Italy Isabella Bonetti writes a brief overview of her impressions, we hope to receive a copy of her research paper on completion.
In September Joshua visited Germany, attending a very successful course in  Eco-Village Design making some great contacts including Kevin Mascarenhas who submits a blog post on Fair Trade partnering.
Our volunteer natural building designer Elke Cole drew up the plans for an Eco center and small housing model and describes her process of design.
We have as well a new partnership with O.U.R. Eco-Village  on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Our dedicated administrator Sonita was chosen as a National Volunteer by Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) to serve within BWC and recently opened our new Bafut office. There she will be making connections and doing outreach directly in the community.
And I have included an article on Local Currencies for consideration.
We hope you enjoy this new version of Better News, please email us any suggestions, critiques or concerns .

Clive Michael (CM) Justice is a Canadian Volunteer and editor of this edition of BetterNews

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