Better World Cameroon is presently in Germany meeting with other organizations from Africa and Germany whose work is focused on volunteerism and permaculture. Apart from Better World Cameroon, also representing Cameroon is Women for a change Cameroon, a Cameroon based feminist a advocacy organization working with and for women and girls sexual reproductive health and rights, leadership and development. The meeting which is currently taking place in Germany, Frankfurt (Order), is to kick start discussions around sustainable volunteering possibilities for young people from Africa and Europe by volunteering abroad. This ideas was born from a project called Sustainable Foundations for Sustainable Partnerships which is a project co-funded by European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.

Participants meet for the first time to kick start the meeting and get to know each other.
Participants get to talk more about their different projects as they take a walk to the river side

The project “Sustainable Foundations for Sustainable Partnerships” has the aim to strengthen the capacities of all partner organizations in implementing sustainable volunteering possibilities for young people from Africa and Europe by volunteering abroad. The partner organizations for this project are from Cameroon, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya and Germany.

The partners will interact during the project on different levels and several activities will be implemented. This kick-off meeting/conference which is currently taking place in Germany Frankfurt from May 3rd to May 10th 2018, is a conference to start the project and discuss the dimensions of the topics as well as all activities which is currently taking place

Further the project will include mobility activities such as training for youth workers to get trained in the purpose and philosophies of permaculture in youth work as well as several short job shadowing activities in order for the partners to get to know each other better but also to get to know the reality of volunteering with each partner. The results from the mobility activities as well as the previous experiences of the partners will be put into the development of a curriculum for volunteer services. After a testing phase of one year the partners will re-evaluate this curriculum and officially adapt it as terms for their cooperation in the volunteering sector.

Better World Cameroon and Woman for a Change

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