Now you have the chance to explore social innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in

a community of young people from Africa and Europe!

Celebration of successful transnational meeting

Better World Cameroon  launches today a call for applications from  Feb 5 to 14, 2018 to participate in the Youth SIRCle Innovation lab in Cameroon in March and in Denmark in April.

The Youth SIRCle project is a partnership project between Better World Cameroon, Andelstanken, Global Ecovillage Ghana and Global Ecovillage Network where young people with a passion for sustainable development collaborate to co-create the future, empowering each other to marry their love for the planet with the ability to make a living.

Youth SIRCle creates bonds and partnerships between young social entrepreneurs from Cameroon, Denmark, Ghana and the UK.

Become part of our SIRCle

  • Apply (free of cost) to be among the projects participating in our training- and mentoring programme – designed to inspire, challenge and take your idea forward.

As a participant in the Youth SIRCle project you get:

  • Access to online sessions with local and international experts in social entrepreneurship and sustainability.
  • A 4 day-intensive traning in your country, where we develop your idea, in collaboration with young people from other countries (online) and experienced mentors.
  • Provision of support and the development of strategies to help participants find seed capital for their ideas.
  • The chance to travel and meet entrepreneurs from the other countries!
    Two national participants will be part of the ”Youth SIRCle Innovation Lab” in Cameroon in March, and two other participants will be part of the Innovation Lab in Denmark in April, with a total of 8 days participation in each lab.
    Who are we?

Youth SIRCle is an Erasmus+ funded training and capacity building project by and for young social entrepreneurs in Cameroon, Denmark, Ghana and the UK. Together we strengthen our skills within social innovation and find creative ways to earn a living whilst creating and supporting communities and  taking care of the environment.

Our learning material is based on materials developed in a former EU-project, which you can read about here:

SIRCle partner organisations:
Camer: Better World Cameroon
Denmark: Andelstanken (supporting cooperatives to form)
Ghana; Global oon Ecovillage Network – Ghana
UK: Global Ecovillage Network – International
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  • The project must have been founded by a person aged 18-30 and must show case the skills and creative skills and creative mindset of the founder(s).
  • The project must be innovative and relate to one or more of the SDG’s in order to qualify. For instance, if a project is working on women’s empowerment in rural areas of Kenya, it is most clearly aligned with SDG 5 ‘Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls’ and as such fits the criteria.
  • The business must be a social business and must be replicable (follow a formula called ‘Business in a Box’ which will be made available to you
  • The project should have a well-structured time horizon, identified key stake holders and beneficiaries, and proposed outcomes that are reasonable and well thought out.
  • The project should equally have a positive environmental impact, bringing innovations which are capable of reducing carbon emissions, developing sustainable consumption and production patterns or more generally respecting the earth’s planetary boundaries. It is necessary that the project does not have an adverse effect on the environment.
  • Project must also have a positive social impact for example generating employment, eradicating poverty or developing skills. In addition, the project must aim to be inclusive and not to exacerbate existing inequalities.
  • The social and environmental impacts of the project must be adequately measured or there should be a clear plan for which indicators and measures to use.
  • The business must be self-sustaining in the long term. In other words, they must be designed or able to survive on their own through the resources they generate and/or investments and donations they attract.
  • The project should also have the potential to expand in scope or size and/or being transporting to other regions. Youth SIRCle is particularly interested which might help other people in other parts of the world, beyond their immediate community.
  • The participant must have valid passport with at least 6 months validity.


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