Participants with cosmetic products created at camp
Participants with cosmetic products created at camp

Since 2011, Better World  Cameroon has organized cross-cultural gatherings with youth from around the world to share, learn, and cultivate peace and tolerance at a global level. The International Summer Work camp brings together young people between the ages of 15 and 35 from Asia, Europe, America, Africa and mainly Cameroon.
These young people are introduced to a variety of activities to encourage intensive capacity building. From bee keeping to water management, all participants learn leadership and facilitation skills. They  explore the ethics and principles of permaculture;  erosion control, windbreaks, composting, ecological design education, mulching, integrated methods of pest management and tree planting while participating in a cultural exchange.
We shape education for sustainable development to young people’s needs and make it relevant to business and the global environment. We are establishing permaculture demonstration farms and public gardens to supply vulnerable groups with non-formal education and adapted technologies. Our goal is to promote inter-cultural exchanges, community building, capacity building and entrepreneurship.
Our centre the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage (NPE) is recognized for the richness of human interaction and international relationships it nourishes. We offer workshops in our expertise areas; Ecological farming and landscape gardening; Permaculture and food security courses. The NPE, Eco-Retreat and Learning Centre is hub to the ecovillage movement in Cameroon and has over the past years,  shaped and transformed the lives of several youths, helping to add some color to the world, in their own  way.
As in previous years, we hosted our annual international summer camp event  This year’s main focus was on climate change, and how every effort to create change has an impact. It was a 10 day event and took  place from August 05th to the 14th 2016. The opening day of the camp saw the Bafut ecovillage, welcome an influx of eager and excited participants, who for the most part were there for the first time. Interestingly this camp was almost an “all girl’s camp”. With the rising interest in women empowerment related issues by young girls of all ages, this honestly didn’t come as a surprise.

Cross section of camp participants
Cross section of camp participants

Some comments from participants:
“This camp was just so educative, for I discovered and learned more about waste management, a prototype, a flash mob, making Vaseline, body lotion and antiseptic soap.OMG! The list is unending. The people here at the camp are so hospitable and sociable. So long as I continue to be around I will forever be grateful to Better World Cameroon because their services could never be paid for in monetary terms.”
F. Chiara Lum

“Despite having appeared before the camera several times, it always feels like a whole new experience each time. The goose pimples I develop each time I stand before either a live camera or a camera whose content will be aired on TV are always the same. However, in the same way that the sun will rise and set, so did my turn come and I was able to present my business plan. The overall experience was a scary one but a fulfilling one at the end of the day and from this I note how amazing it is that after all the fright, I feel like I could do almost anything in front of the cameras. This amongst others was one of the experiences that has helped developed my personality and has tuned shy me into a more bold person.”
Koh Crystel

“This camp has made me realize there are lots of ways to live without the use of inorganic materials which are not friendly to the environment. It has taught me how to develop a good business, whilst taking into consideration the risks and other problems I might encounter.”
Gaelle M. Awah
“There are times when the voice of someone is ignored.
Times when one needs space to think and rethink about the happenings of the 24/7.
There are also times when one needs space from the distractions of peers, neighbors, friends,  commercial noise e.t.c
Summer camp 2016 gave it all to me; the SPACE.”

Ngwa Azinwi

happy campers
Smiles as participant certificates are handed out

Written by Herman Koh

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