Take a look to the article GlobalShakers.com published recently on the vision of Joshua Konkankoh for both Ndanifor and Bafut Ecovillages, and for a real alternative for the much-needed system change.


We are dedicated to the goal of sustainability in our Ecovillage project-based vision, hands-on education oriented towards organic agriculture using indigenous knowledge and fair trade, while paying attention to the principles of innovative volunteerism and youth exchange.


We invite your input and participation. Become a volunteer or enroll for a course. Stay updated on the development of Bafut Ecovillage, as well as the most recent news on Ndanifor Permaculture site and with the team of Better World Portugal, by making your subscription on the sidebar. You can also consult our Facebook often (which you can make your ‘Like’ on the sidebar as well) and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

We are currently seeking SEED funding for Training of Trainers (ToT) programs for Peace and Relief workers (in Portugal), as well as for Refugees, IDPs, and Migrating students (in Cameroon). We are also raising funds to rehabilitate Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage, our Permaculture Training & Demonstration Site devasted by the genocidal war, and to bring relief to the displaced young people and the returning refugees.

Please help to change hundreds of lives by making your donation here or by clicking in the “Donate” button on the top of the page. Reach us by visiting the Contacts and Locations page, or by filling the form on the sidebar. Thank you.

52 thoughts on “WELCOME TO A BETTER WORLD”

  1. I the permaculture idea and will volunteer. very interested in livelihood development

  2. Greetings from Grupo Fenix North Nicaragua. We are an organization with similar values, history, experience, and practices as what I see in your website. The videos about Bafut have refueled the vision that has grown in our community. It will be valuable to keep in contact.

  3. Magnifique projet ! L’Afrique est un continent aux extraordinaires ressources ; Puissiez-vous diffuser la bonne parole et surtout les bonnes pratiques partout autours de vous. Merci ♥ ♥ ♥
    Co-présidente Réseau Français des Ecovillages

  4. Better live is a good avenue of learning.it is a reputable innovative organization that is worthwhile.i learn in your everyday post.wish and hope to always keep in touch.

  5. I have a pation of preserving the environment from all this environmental delima so will be happy if am given the chance to participate in some project

    1. Hello Munang
      Please fill out a volunteer form and we will get back to you on your request.

  6. I like what better world Cameroon is doing,their every activities carried out in Bafut.But now I will like to ask a question; with the crisis going on now,how does better world Cameroon get to carry out it’s activities? Because I will like to volunteer

    1. We continue to work in our office in Bamenda, located at Che Street. You can go through our website and fill out our volunteer application form.

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