Women share food after work

In Community, Many Hands Make Work Light!

By Konkankoh Joshua
The New Year has started off with a new phase of communal spirit at Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-Village (NPE).

Many Hands
On 6 January 2014 out in Bafut the local community of Alegenwi ( the Quarter around NPE) showed their support by clearing and digging the road leading down to the Eco lodge.   This will  benefit the local people and enable building materials to be brought onto the building site.

The road leading down to the site

During the night the town crier had gone through the community to rally a work force and by 6 am, 45 youth, men and women appeared with hoes and cutlasses.
Singing together the work song hru-jay and with the development committee supervising, the job was completed in under 2 hours.

Volunteer walks in with group

After their hard work palm wine and food was served. There was emotional sharing and a strengthened spirit of love, compassion and mutual trust within the community.Volunteer congratulates





We spent the rest of the morning  planning the next community action, the Eco village water catchment, and celebrating  the success of our BWC-Alegenwi joint action.

planning the next community action

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