By Isaiah Nembongwe


The conference on Youth Leadership and Sustainable Development was held on Saturday the 8th February 2014 in one of the Amphi theatres of the International Relation Institute Cameron (IRIC).

Starting at 7.00 am with the registration of participants,  the program continued with many interesting presenters followed by question and answer sessions up to 6.00 pm.
After registration and collection of conference material, the Conference Moderator opened the proceedings.
The Opening ceremony included a first round Question/Answer session.

The first speaker was the Country Director WWF/Conservation Director
An eloquent speaker, his presentation  illustrated what sustainable development was and what were the expectations of Youth to measure up to sustainable development. He asked the Youth to be hard working and persistent in their search for jobs. He also laid emphasis on volunteer services.
The Director of Conservation in his turn also intervened marvelously in view of this concept of sustainable development, when he said that each and every one of us is called to manage the environment sustainably in order  to enhance resource continuity for future generations.
The Technical Adviser in the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education in his presentation, focused on government positive action in these recent years to support the Youths for sustainable development.
The Keynote Speaker for his part, elucidated on what the previous speakers presented. This substantiated what was said, for better understanding of the audience.

During the first round of Questions and Answer sessions, many Participants expressed some concerns. Some of the questions asked were;
-What is the government doing to make the soil fertile for sustainable development?
-How is the government working to reduce taxes of micro-business to encourage sustainability for emerging Youth ventures?
– Why are trash cans are not implanted everywhere in the city by the Ministry of Environment?
After the cocktail hour presentations continued  with:
WWF Sustainable development Activist
Representative of the Ministry  of Environment Sustainable Development and Nature Protection
Representative of the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development
Technology of Women Alumni
Representative Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education
Representative Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training
Then NGO Participants

The WWF activist advised the Youths to be working at, and making contacts with, structures and individuals working in sustainable development as much as possible in order to keep themselves up to the task
The Representative of the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable development disclosed that its ministerial department is interested in preserving the environment to protect and enhance conditions of hygiene and  sanitation in order to guarantee good health for citizens.
The representative of the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development advised  Youth to be hard working and innovative. Sustainable development can only be attained through innovative initiatives of development. He said that  Youth should be more dynamic, to explore their talents for good living rather than being dependent on the government.
In a nutshell, the representatives of the ministries told the Youth that, the message of the government to them, in order to move forward with sustainable development is commitment and dynamism at work in support of the government action for the goals set ahead for sustainable development.
Following this we heard  from some NGO’s who expressed their experiences in the domain of sustainable development for climate change mitigation and environmental protection. Their take home message to the Youth was, to work hard and respect environmental norms.
The closing remarks were presented by the country Director WWF/Conservation Director, who told the Youths to be focused and motivated on volunteerism, in order to build their capacities to face work challenges for resource and environmental sustainability.

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