We are running this campaign to help Koh Crystel, our 26-year old volunteer, getting the economic means to participate in the UN-organized Camp 2030 – the world’s youth-led Global Innovation Lab for the SDGs Camp 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals). Crystel is currently living in Portugal, due to the civil war happening in Cameroon in the last 4 years, and she is also involved in the projects BetterWorld Portugal and Bafut Ecovillage.

She was selected amongst a vast group of many other incredible young social entrepreneurs to participate and to showcase her work with Better World Cameroon and their communities in this innovation lab for positive social impact in New York, USA, on September 14 – 19, 2020. It is a great opportunity for her to raise awareness about Cameroon’s social situation and the solutions her and BWC are providing to their communities, as well as share best practices with other participants.

The total costs for her journey are estimated to be $3500 USD, $1100 USD of those being Participation fees in the event, which must be paid by March 15th. Make your donation here or in the donate button on the top of the page.

Let’s take Crystel to Camp 2030! Crystel needs Camp 2030, and the world needs Crystel and her knowledge and experience!

In this video, Crystel talks about the current social situation in Cameroon, and how does that affect her and BWC’s work.

Listen to her talk about the work she and BetterWorld Cameroon have been developing to empower women and young women in their community, and the tremendous social, economical and communitarian impact it can bring to the people in the region.

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