BWC vision at EDE

My study of designing for resilience at Sieben Linden, Germany

by Konkankoh Joshua

From September 1-30, 2013 I took part in the Eco Village Education for Sustainable Development Design Course under the Sponsorship of Global Eco Village Network (GEN).

Joshua with colleagues in BremenI was thrilled by this opportunity to meet amazing people, go to fantastic places and learn about new ideas in Sustainable Development. I could not have imagined the amount of growth I would experience as a leader. My life has been truly transformed into the new world of sustainability practitioners I now find myself part of.

Since coming back home, I have continued to work on the Bafut Eco Village Design to become one of GEN’s power points of Regenerative Education in Africa. [newsletter_lock]
At EDE 2013, I redesigned the Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village project (NPE) in Association with Permaculture Trainer Kevin Mascarenhas of NaturalFlow Designs, and other Ecology Experts, as an intentional community where people can come to grow their business ideas and for cross-cultural education. NPE was showcased as a “case study” and a shining example of GAIA Education principles in Africa. It became part of the final report used to raise awareness of the importance of Regenerative Education in today’s societies.

Our case study introduces the idea of cross-cultural and emotional sides of development education illustrated through African solidarity as being equal partners of Eco village Education for Sustainable Development Design. It emphasizes that Permaculture and GAIA principles can become the most effective tool to promote tolerance and solidarity, to help people understand our interconnectedness for a Better World. It recognizes and supports the important work GEN is doing in Africa to promote social justice, respect for human rights/democracy and draws GENs attention to the important contribution the cooperative movement could play.

What will help us is an information technology (IT) unit for NP Ecovillage to be able to continue liaising with EDE working groups and facilitators. We intend to meet regularly on Skype to discuss plans of the Youth Camp 2014 and EDE 2015 in Cameroon.
Envisioning the future, an Intercultural Consultancy is being set up by Better World Cameroon (BWC) to support the Social Entrepreneurship Hub plans for Cameroon and to be able to successfully place the plight of unemployed youth in Africa firmly on the Agenda of GEN.

At this critical stage of transition NPE needs some solid mentoring from the BWC, Ndanifor Gardens UK Trust and GEN-Africa Tripartite to serve as a useful launch pad for sharing knowledge, study visits, and student exchange between schools and communities. [/newsletter_lock]

Konkankoh Joshua is the founder and director of Better World Cameroon

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