Eco Action Initiative booth

by Mbah Sonita

People may think practicing organic farming in Cameroon is difficult because of government’s policy of promoting the use of highly toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The Better World Students Nature Club and I are demystifying organic agriculture in the North West Region through our door-to-door campaign on restoring soil fertility, backed by the Bafut Council.

For this reason, the Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village Project is spreading out its roots in Bafut through needs assessment and research work carried out by Isabella and myself.

Isabella Bonetti’s research is a case study of Bafut Eco-Village as rural development paradigm and hands-on-experience on Permaculture the African way. She collected researched on: indigenous knowledge, business planning, grassroots happiness index of the Bafut people and on the Ndanifor Permaculture Cooperative BetterCOOP as a legal and financial framework of rights based livelihood

Through our partnership with Bafut Council, an office for BWC-Bafut Eco Action Initiative has been set up at the Council to enhance communication and good relations with project beneficiaries. I intend to make the office a hub for farmers, women-, and youth- groups’ involvement in the realization of the Bafut Eco-Village vision 2020.

This timely intervention by the council added impetus to BWC’s participation in the Bafut Agro Pastoral Show of December 16, 2013.  There we brought higher visibility to the Eco-Village concept and encouraged stronger working relations and solidarity with the farming community.   BWC used the Agro Pastoral Show as an avenue to unveil the first training series on Permaculture which was well received creating some first steps toward a greater social network.

farmers interest in Eco Action InitiativeBWC is presently working with Council members and grassroots leaders on the strategy of implementation and outreach. This bond of trust and friendship between BWC and Bafut will be maintained and enrolled during our trainings on earthen stove building, Permaculture, and eco lodge building from January to March 2014. You are invited to for more info on our 2014 trainings and events.

Mbah Sonita is Better World Bamenda’s administrator and Bafut office coordinator

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