What a rewarding experience it as been to be here, volunteering with Better World.
As our departure date quickly approaches I am filled with appreciation for all the friends we’ve made, the hospitality of BetterWorld Board,  some great meals and many amazing experiences.
Today I walked along Che street here in Bamenda and saw what I previously assumed to be vacant land now transformed into garden, swales neatly established, the weeds piled up to one side. Yes the rains are here. Cultivating and planting in full swing.
A synopsis of the latest events:
Our Administrator and force to reckoned with, Sonita Mbah recentlySonita  coordinated  a water project for the Alegnwi community

and then spent last week in Yaounde in various meetings.
Elkeand FlorencecarywaterFlorence,  Sonita’s mother visiting for the last month, has been extremely busy taking on the job of farm manager: overseeing the new trial plot and organizing, watering and potting up the numerous seedlings for our growing food forest.

building progress on cob cabin

The cob cottage slowly rises out of the earth,door frame and windows well anchored in the drying  (we pray) mud.

The women builders group has been  a dependable work force and  joined the celebration on women’s day in Bafut.

women'sdayA change of plans due to the early rain has us hiring local roof builders to create a free standing roof to facilitate finishing the building. It will be traditional; of local materials, raffia stems(bamboo) and grass thatch.
stove workshopConstruction of the stove and a foundation for an oven as first steps towards a working kitchen for the Ndanifor Ecovillage took place with the able assistance of Loveline from Pinyin following a stove workshop there. Ours was well attended by many local women, including many of the builders and Florence!



Our director Joshua is currently in the UK networking, meeting with people and working hard to make BetterWorld an organisation to be recognized and remembered.
Also from  the UK, an update from Kevin, one of the camp facilitators for this year, on the High Value Agriculture products Trial Plot.

One of our camp members from 2013 was sponsored to attend a VSO workshop, she reports on her experience.
The folks in Yaounde have been busy too, educating in the schools about handwashing, hygiene and the environment.
Plus a visit from a very talented volunteer. She managed to get quite a lot accomplished in her short stay.
And finally as a side bar- Elke and I got married!wegetmarried In Bafut at the council on February 14th. Followed by reception at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage catered by the women builders and attended by a number of community and board members.weddingreception This is a date and place we will easily recall with fondness.
Thank you to everyone who made our stay here so welcoming, satisfying and indeed, rewarding.
We are crossing our fingers, making applications and planning to return.

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