By TAMUNJOH Beatrice SALONG, program coordinator and permaculture supervisor.

Tuesday, 24th February 2015 was the beginning of 2015 farming season at the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage site. As is the custom in North-West Region of Cameroon, farming activities start in February in anticipation of the first rains of early March which signal planting season.

The eco-village builder women of Ndanifor began by weeding grass and previous crop residue off the surface.

grass piles for composting, cleared beds    This material was piled up for the purpose of natural manure (compost) instead of burning it,  which is a common practice and a crime to the environment.




While the women chopped, hoed and carried piles of weeds I harvested the cocoyams (Colocasia esculenta)women cultivate

harvested cocoyam.

These cocoyam  were planted in March 2014 and  have yielded a great quantity of mature tubers. They have a high energy value, are easily digested and contain vitamin C, phosphorus and iron. They are an essential ingredient in the local specialty Achu.


Life is in the earth  for nobody can survive without eating and the food comes only after one must have tilled the soil and planted some seeds into it.

An important thing to note here is that organic agriculture is the only method that Better World Cameroon promotes, as not only does it restore the soil, but is also an essential part of people’s healthy lives.

One thing that has disturbed me today is the presence of this fungi on crops..

fungal disease affecting Cassava
fungal disease affecting Cassava


This organism has rendered the soil of Bafut barren to crops like cassava, groundnuts, and other crops that produce tubers.

It is a very serious problem in the whole Bafut community because it has rendered them
desperate about the cultivation of the above mentioned crops.  If our partners and friends have an idea of what it is and how it can treated the permaculture way we would appreciate the knowledge.


good days work at farm


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  1. Agriculture is something we all indulge in knowing and unknowingly. For instance, the seeds of fruits we eat and throw away, they do grow up and germinate into others. That is actually is farming? Without Farming, I don’t think we would survive because of our food or feeding comes farming. I am glad I saw this post and thanks for passing this education to us.

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