The French Ambassador in Cameroon his Excellency Gilles Thibault visited the North West region recently with one of the aims of the visit beingĀ  to appraise the economic situation and assess sustainable development projects in line with the Paris Climate Agreement liable to support youth employment.

Bawum Reagent presesnts a gift to the Ambassador on behalf of the Community and the people
French Ambassador meets the Bawum Palace Reagent









The Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage Project was earmarked as one of the projects to be visited. This visit took place last Thursday July 6th 2017, wherein the Ambassador was able to visit and get a tour of the numerous projects on-going at the site. He was also presented with the objectives of the Bafut Ecovillage Project and how the project ties to Paris Climate Agreement. During the visit, the Ambassador received a welcome from the Bawum Reagent Muma Ntoh, on behalf of the Bawum and the entire Bafut community and was later presented with a gift on behalf of the people. The Ambassador was able to share some time with the community and got a taste of the Bafut culture via the display of a traditional dance group. Present at the ceremony were Bawum parliamentarian Honorable Akonteh, a Representative of the Paris accord Camille Lefort, Director of Franco Aliance Bamenda (French Cultural Center) and an entourage from the French Embassy


Traditional dance group displaying
Family Picture

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