Level of the building after four months.
Level of the building after four months.

After five months of construction, the Permaculture Learning Center at the Better World Cameroon (BWC) Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage was presented to the public, during its grand opening April 10th, 2015.


This facility, funded by the North American branch of cosmetics company LUSH, will serve as an ecological demonstration building , highlighting local materials and craftsmanship.The center design and eco-building construction of the hall was provided by Canadian architect Elke Cole.

During its construction, builders from the area were trained in ecological building and applying traditional craft-skills into a modern design. The circular hall was built with local materials only: earth, stone, raffia/bamboo and a clay tiled roof. It features a kitchen with an improved cook stove and a bread oven. The focus on connecting the building with the surrounding environment is also reflected in the open design.

The first seminar to take place at the Learning Center was organized by NGGE (Next Generation Global Education) in collaboration with BWC. The seminar was an introduction to NGGE (vision, mission, goals and objectives), and its activities.

This double event (grand opening and seminar) was a thrilling one with remarkable guests of honor such as the Fon of Bafut, a representative of the Senior Divisional Officer of Bafut,a representative of the Mayor of Bafut, the Regent of Bawum and a journalist from Germany among others. There was  an impressive exhibition from a local dance group and a musical presentation from the local women builders.


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