Visiting Bafut Palace
Joshua Konkankoh and Luke White visiting Bafut Palace

Visiting Cameroon to say hello to old friends I have been lucky enough to see the day to day workings of Better World. It’s great to see how active the organisation is and how it has grown since I last visited some years ago. The team are tightly knit, each doing their own thing to achieve collective goals. Elke and CM are full throttle on making the ecovillage a reality at Bafut. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve seen the local women and students come together to build the community hall fully equipped with an earthen oven made from the land, using natural building methods. It looks like you could make a mean pizza in it when it’s ready.
I encourage anyone considering a visit to go for it, everyone is so welcoming here and Bamenda is a very relaxed place right on nature’s doorstep.

Luke White

2 thoughts on “Hello Better World fans!”

  1. As a tourism expert operating in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon, I greatly appreciate the endorsement and wonderful words of encouragement from Luke.Bafut, Bamenda and the North West Region as a whole harbors tremendous tourism potentials and blessed with law abiding,peaceful and welcoming people.

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