Ready to come and visit? We expect that you have questions. Have a look through our visitor and volunteer FAQ, before you ask by email.

Is English spoken?   Yes in the North Western regions of Cameroon along with Pidgin. French is universally spoken  in the rest of the country, along with many local languages.

How long can I/should I stay?  We recommend to stay for  a minimum of 2-3 months in order to have enough time to accomplish something. A 90-day Visa is common.

Which immunizations are required?   Yellow Fever, check with your local medical authorities.

What about malaria?   Medication readily available,  medium risk in Bamenda higher in Yaounde, highest in Douala, check with your local medical authorities for  best advice.

Do I need a visa?   Depends on your nationality see here. Apply through your local Cameroonian consulate or embassy.

How much money will I need?    What do you want to do? Here’s an idea of local prices: At this writing 655.Cameroon francs (Fcfa) = 1€.  An excellent meal can be had for 3500 Fcfa, a simple lunch between 300 and 600 Fcfa; beer/sodapop is 500-700 Fcfa. Cameroonian made Fabric costs between 6000 and 7500 Fcfa for 6 meters. Ride the bus from Yaounde to Bamenda for 6000Fcfa. 

Are there bank machines?   There are international ATMs in all large centers.

Where can I use a credit card?   At bank machines and big hotels in the cities.

Where will I stay?   Billeting may be available in the city of Bamenda, and there are some guest houses of BWC. Soon our Learning Center will offer accommodation at Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-village in Bafut.

What is the climate like?   Regionally different. Tropical temperate, it rains, can be cool, for Bamenda see this climate-chart.

What kind of clothes do I need?   Light clothing- a  sweater for cooler mornings, some kind of rain jacket, summer clothing, closed shoes,  seasonally boots for the farm.( All available locally). Workshop and Camp participants will receive a list of what to bring.

What are the expectations of the NGO Better World of me?    We expect that you will be present and available for your program. Sometimes that means following directions, sometimes being self-directed. Ask questions, assist where possible, participate fully. (hours a day, days a week, as arranged)

What can I expect from the NGO Better World?   We do our best to give clear direction. Before you come and upon arrival, we’ll spend time to plan your participation. We can’t offer pay but you’ll find a friendly BWC “family” that you’ll be part of.

Can I connect to the internet?   Yes,there is a modem at the office, a stick -modem is 25000 CFa, some facilities have WiFi. There are many small cyber cafe’s. Compared to Europe or North America the internet connection is generally slow.

What kind of food do people eat?   Plantain, cassava, rice, greens, tomatoes, “irish” and sweet potatoes, cabbage, corn, Fufu, Achu, coco yam, fish, beef, eggs, chicken….Tasty and spicy!

What is Fufu?   Ground corn cooked in a paste form.

What is Achu?   Cooked coco yam with a piquant sauce, a local specialty.

Can I get western/eastern food?   Yes there are a few restaurants catering to international tastes.

Is medical care easily accessible?   Yes, in urban areas. Less so in rural regions where road conditions are poor and distances take time to travel.

Which airport should I arrive at?   Either Douala or Yaounde,  discuss with our staff for best choice.

How far is Bamenda from Yaounde?   6 hours by bus; 6000 Fcfa.

What kind of public transport is available?   Buses between major centres; Yaounde-Bamenda 6000 Fcfa, same for Douala/ Yaounde, and Douala/Bamenda. Locally people use shared taxis or motorcycle taxi.

Where are the best tourist sites to visit?

Yaounde National Museum in Yaounde, viewpoints around the city. People like to visit the lake at Mbalmayo.

Douala: it’s close to the beach and Limbe!

Bamenda/ Bafut Saddle Hill Ranch, Saboga Botanical Garden, Mankon Museum, and Neba Albert’s Foundation, Fons Palaces: Bafut and Bawum

Where is the beach?   Limbe- black sand, Kribi -white sand.

What should I bring? Toiletries? Mosquito net?   All available here, except possibly that very special shampoo you really like. However, think biodegradable.

Should I bring  gifts?   Sure, if you like!  Something special from your country or some bestsellers,  contemporary novels are appreciated . Cosmetics and sweets always come in handy.

What kind of import/export restrictions are there?   see here

Where can I get information about the country?   see Wikitravel Cameroon and Cameroun Info Tourisme

Cost of accommodation in a hotel?   15000 Fcfa – and up.

What kind of opportunities/activities are there that I (as a volunteer) can plug into/participate in, outside Better World?   We can connect you with activities outside our organization depending on your interest.
How safe is it?   Quite stable in the N.W. region, people are friendly. There are international Volunteers throughout the country. Be street-smart, and use normal travel precautions and you’ll be fine.


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