The production of High Value Agricultural Products(HVAP) program kicks off with the establishment of a  twelve-month action plan running from June 2015 to June 2016. The main activities in this plan include the general and permanent maintenance of the NPE, the large scale production of HVAP (ginger, lemon grass, tumerique, moringa) within the demonstration centre at NPE and a network of farmers producing in the area; introduction of mushroom cultivation, putting in place of a unit for compost production; supervise planting of 4000 medicinal, fruit and native trees, processing and distribution of HVAP products.

In order to establish an official, clear and professional relationship between Better World Cameroon (BWC) and the Ndanifor Ecovillage Women(NEW) now known as Food For Life(FFL) Bafut, a memorandum of understanding was developed where the two groups agreed to work together to promote Sustainable Development in Cameroon through HVAP, and in the world through learning, teaching and designing natural landscapes. The mission of this MOU is to promote permaculture in the North West Region of Cameroon by contributing to the improvement of youth employment, girl’s education and healthy relationships amongst local communities. The goal is to ensure that FFL works hand in gloves with BWC to promote and implement Ecological Building, Organic Agriculture and also invest in HVAP to promote green economy in Cameroon and satisfy international needs through Fair Trade.

The first activity to kick start the HVAP Program entailed keeping the site clean and in order by taking away left over pieces of wood and bamboo  from the construction work that were lying around. The roads leading to the meeting hall and hut were diligently weeded and grass piled up in heaps for compost preparation.

Beat and Scolas put order (1)

Tree and flower planting

Activities of the first week included, weeding, mulching and maintaining existing flower beds.150 additional new trees and flowers. 50 new plantain suckers were also planted on the HVAP Test plot.

Beat Plant Real (1)



Erosion and water control

The flowers and trees were planted in a way that will help them retain water. the technique entails creating natural vessels around the plants, mulch them to a certain level, allowing space for water retention. In this way, the vessels capture rain water and instead of letting it run off, the mulch helps the plant to retain water.By so doing, erosion is controlled.

Mulching is done to help retain water.
Mulching is done to help retain water.

It was a very active week as this was the start HVAP program and we are excited and committed to doing our best in implementing the Program.Unfortunately, Scholastica, our support staff lost her 4 year old son on 8 June, 2015 and will be absent for a while.

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