International Events

International Events that the Better World Cameroon Team participates in

Abril 25, 2022

Listening to the Earth in times of crisis

On the occasion of EARTH DAY 2022, Joshua Konkankon Elder Leader of Better World Cameroon participated in the online event "Listening to the Earth intimes of crisis", organized by the Listening Inspires team in partnership with Nature 4 Climate and the Conscious Food Systems Alliance.
Janeiro 26, 2022

Weaving Indigenous and Modern Perspectives for Systems Change

Panel Discussion with Adrian Röbke and Joshua Konkankoh where you can learn about the importance of weaving indigenous and modern perspectives to create systems change towards an equitable, thriving and resilient world.
Novembro 12, 2021

Masterclass “Women, power and Entrepreneurship in the Climate Change Age” with Sonita Mbah at Cop26

This Masterclass refers to the Gaia Education booth at Cop26, where Gaia Education showcased some of its partner projects around the world in areas affected by the climate crisis, including Sonita Mbah from Better World Cameroon
Setembro 10, 2021

Workshop “Community from the African perspective & Natural building materials: sun-dried bricks”

On September 4, 2021, the Better World Cameroon team was invited to facilitate a brick making workshop and to share about community living the African Way at re:build event in Portugal
Agosto 15, 2021

Sonita Mbah Explains Ecovillages and Permaculture to Climate Advocates

Follow Better World Cameroon's Sonita Mbah interview with Mary Kurek, President of Frontrunners Development, Inc.
Agosto 12, 2021

Ecovillage and Permaculture Expert Sonita Mbah Explains Processes with Youth Leaders

In a Q & A style interview, Sonita Mbah explains the concept of permaculture and how it operates within an Ecovillage.
Maio 5, 2021

CCW 2021 Catalyzing Regenerative Futures Indigenous Wisdom & Networked Action

Joshua Konkankoh from Better World Cameroon was one of the facilitators of the online event "CCW 2021 Catalyzing Regenerative Futures Indigenous Wisdom & Networked Action" held on May 4, 2021, organized by Catalyst Group 2030
Maio 2, 2021

re:build – regenerative villages summit

On May 1, 2021, Sonita Mbah had the honor to moderate the most amazing panel on "The African Wisdom of Community Building" at the re:build - regenerative villages summit. The work you do for decades now in empowering communities and celebrating African Indigenous knowledge is invaluable.
Abril 15, 2021

Cultural Change Panel: moving from oppression to regeneration

On April 12, 2021, Joshua Konkankoh of Better World Cameroon participated as a speaker on the Cultural Change Panel with a diverse group of other speakers from Southeast Asia and Mexico, led by Laura Kaestele of NextGEN, , at the Online Ecovillage Summit.