Last March 27th 2020, we conducted an online interview with Crystel Koh, a volunteer with BetterWorld Cameroon, which you can view entirely in the link above.

Crystel is an important member of our organization, conducting her work mostly on Youth Development, Women Empowerment and High-Value Agricultural Products. Throughout this interview, she explains the main motivations and goals behind her and BetterWorld Cameroon’s work with their communities, as well as the vision they hold for the future of Cameroonians.

She was selected to participate in this year’s Camp 2030, the UN’s global youth-led innovation lab on the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, nonetheless she is struggling with the financial demands for her participation. With this interview, besides raising awareness for the work being developed and BetterWorld Cameroon’s Bafut EcoVision 2030, it’s our goal to raise those financial means to support her.

The total costs for her journey are estimated to be $3500 USD, $1100 USD of those being Participation fees in the event, which must be paid by May 1st. If you identify with Crystel’s vision and would like to see her develop her work and establish more partnerships worldwide, please make your donation here or through the “Donate” button on our website.

Let’s take Crystel to Camp 2030!

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