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Better World Student’s Nature Club (BSNC)

works to pioneer an African Perspective in the changing nature of the climate change debate and challenges on environmental degradation globally, and on the African continent.

Through volunteerism we are building a vibrant, mature, capable green revolution movement in Cameroon to:

  1. Protect Cameroon’s biodiversity, traditional knowledge, food production systems, culture and diversity
  2. Work with partners towards social justice, equity and food sovereignty
  3. Empower youth and women to make informed choices about how resources are to be used, managed and conserved through Permaculture practice.
  4. Increase the capacity of youth and women on the continent to contribute towards the protection of biodiversity, food sovereignty, sustainable agriculture; and youth employment.
  5. Contribute to the creation and implementation of comprehensive and stringent food policies, legislation and procedures on the African continent .
  6. Research  appropriate technologies, renewable energy systems
  7. Carry out market research for small scale farm products.
  8. Insure adequate access to primary and secondary schools.
  9. Provide a network of grassroots groups of small food producers particularly of youth and women-farmer groups affiliated to BWC as their support NGO.

Our working principles are based on the Earth Charter and Permaculture Practice.

We have many interesting areas of activity for engaged and committed new volunteers: social networking, farming, building, marketing, documentation, and others. Please visit our volunteer page to find out more or email us

Read about our work in our Newsletter that we publish quarterly.

Every year Better World Student’s Nature Club hosts the  “Together for a better world”  International Summer Work Camp. We welcome help in planning and we hope that you will participate next time.

For the camp young people from Cameroon and abroad come together to explore cultural diversity and global connection. We practice communication skills and learn about topics like sustainable farming, health, leadership and entrepreneurship.

We do service work, play games, cook food and make friends. It’s intense and fun and you’ll become active for a sustainable future.

Please contact us if you want to join next time.

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Join us for Permaculture Classes  at our Bamenda Center and Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-village in Bafut. You will develop a new way of looking at things around you and understand the world differently. Get your tools for a sustainable future now.

Watch for workshop listings coming soon!

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