Ndanifor Permaculture eco-village

Better COOP Permaculture Services

We are based in Bamenda / Bafut, where you can reach us through the Bamenda office.

Permaculture Demonstration Site at Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-Village , Bafut and the development of the Learning Center and Eco-Lodge.

Sustainable Food Production applying Permaculture techniques.

Advisory services in sustainable agriculture and environmental protection using a local  Permaculture approach.

Networking for youth entrepreneurship associations, market gardeners, small and middle scale farmers and appropriate technology  common initiative groups.

natural beauty at the farm of Better COOP

Let’s work together to:

  • Organize vocational training, girls education and farming communities.
  • Create Permaculture School gardens
  • Set up seed banks and warehouses. planting a seedling
  • Look for Fair Trade partners and providers of specialized services of Education for Sustainable Development and agri business.
  • Raise Awareness through Development education programs for women and youth.
  • Develop Supply Channels for Fruit, seeds and vegetables.
  • Set up IT-Centers to link up rural farmers.
  • Create a science and indigenous knowledge research and resource center at Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-Villagemixed foodcrops grown by BetterCOOP.

Talk to us about your project and how we can work together.

Background of Better COOP

Better COOP was formed in September 2012 by the Association of Unemployed Youth (Better World Cameroon), God is Great Orphanage Bamenda, and Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village Bafut; and supported by the Bafut Council.

Better COOP promotes Development Education Programs targeting youth and women. We engage in capacity building, activities in schools, cultural festivals, Permaculture training and practice.

The main goal of these initiatives is to promote awareness about living harmoniously with nature and collaborative relationships between the global “South” and “North”. We learn respect for differences and understand what unites us.

We are committed to protecting the global environment through the cooperative movement.