volunteer Emeldine

by Fru Emeldine Bih

I am a former student of the university of Buea where I studied Accountancy. I later took a computerized accounting course for three months at the Flexcom Institute of Vocational Training.

While still in school I carried out an internship with the Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union.

Volunteering with BWC will pave a way for me to receive training and gain experience in accounting, Administration and Project Management. This will also help me to know how NGOs operate, function and are managed. Also to prepare myself for the job market through the training and experiences I’ll get.

I am prepared to implement and put into practice my knowledge of financial,cost and management accounting, acquired from school into the organisation. Before the end of my training, I hope to have developed my skills in Administration and Project Management.

My hobbies include: watching football, listening to music ,watching movies and  reading. I also enjoy team work.

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