The month of July was all about preparing the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage (NPE)site as a suitable place to host the International Summer Workcamp and Mini EDE (August 5th- 23rd 2015). With regards to this, main activities included buying of construction materials and constructing housing and sanitary facilities at the site.

Compost toilet              Bath

Compost Toilet                                        Bathroom

This however did not stop the High Value Agricultural Products(HVAP) program from taking place. Landscaping and community work was carried out during this period, as more flowers were planted, more roads opened up(cleared) and ripe crops were harvested and preserved. The objective of the two community work sessions that took place was to keep the NPE site and its surroundings clean, and for the Food For Life women to clear and prepare their plot for HVAP cropping.

Week 6-38

Food For Life Women in Action

Other HVAP activities carried out during this period include: processing ginger into ginger drink, transforming dried ginger and lemon grass into tea powder ready for consumption, planting new moringa seedlings amongst others.




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