celebration at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage

With the building season underway a number of projects have begun to be realized at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage. One important event for our building season this year took place on February 4, 2016 : The laying of the foundation stone  of the Learning centre dormitory/hostel.

Preparations for this significant milestone had been keeping the building crew busy. After the land was terraced, the survey crew of students from COTECC laid out the shape with string and bamboo/raffia. Then the foundation trench was excavated and leveled. Loads of stone arrived and are being shaped for the dry stone foundation that will support the building.

Our volunteers, work crew and many local dignitaries arrived in the morning well dressed for the occasion.visit to eco-construction site

Better World Cameroon Director, Joshua Konkankoh described our progress, touring the notables through the Ecohut and the soon to be named two-story sleeping hut under construction.

After a prayer we received blessings from Better Coop Board president Suh Prisca Sonita Mbah and Suh Prisca

who announced the installation of Sonita Mbah as the “Queen of Ndanifor” or Director of Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage.

the Regent of Bawum







The Regent of Bawum also gave his blessings to the project and joined us in celebrating Sonita’s new role.

Mayor Langsi of Bafut spoke his admiration and acknowledgement of Sonita and offered the Council’s complete support to the project.The assembly then made its’ way to the building site where the Regent and village elders prepared for the ceremony.laying of foundation stone ceremony begins

A stone was laid in the foundation trench and blessed, libation poured upon with significant participation of the Regent of Bawum, Mayor Langsi representing Bafut Council, Alegnwi Quarter Head Asanji, local elders, builders, Sonita and architect Elke Cole.layimng of foundation stone by Regent of Bawum




Sonita and Elke with Regent of Bawum


This traditional ceremony and celebration brings the support and blessing of the Bawum Fon, local leaders  in the village  the Mayor of Bafut and Quarter Head of the Alegnwi Quarter together in the creation of new possibilities and opportunities for the people of Bawum and Bafut. It marks the realization of vision through action into the physical building of a model, an ecovllage, to help transform Bafut communites into vibrant, self supporting, sustainable examples for all of Cameroon and Africa.The laying of the foundation stone communityPhoto credits to Michel Olofsson and Erik Söderman

4 thoughts on “Laying of the foundation stone”

  1. Such a great initiative by Better world Cameroon and other NGOs. We shout out our words of thanks to you for the relentless efforts in transforming Bafut to a place to be as rightfully required by nature.God’s blessings on all you bring together be it ideas or whatever with regards to this great fondom.

    This Event also portrays the positive balance Sheet of efforts in 2015 in building trust with our funder — Positive Progress in a transformational approach to achieving sustainable development , resilience and peace in Bafut. Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage Demonstration site in only one year of youth development is now able to offer an alternative perspective to identifying and measuring long-term investments that create an optimum environment for human potential to flourish in Bafut. The Positive Progress project analyses the factors that build sustainable growth, and includes a statistical analysis of community development work with the population of Bawum .

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