Welcome to Better World’s new look

This new website is a milestone for Better World. We hope to give you good information about our organization, in pictures and words.

Better World has many stories to tell and, as we look forward, big dreams to share.

As we develop more pieces to this site you will be able to find out more details. For now we invite you to look around, read, and send your feedback.

The team in Bamenda (Elke, Sonita, CM, Herman, Honourine and Isabella) will continue refining and writing. Tell us what you think and what you want to know more about.

Other News

Our director, Joshua Konkankoh has just returned from a month-long visit to Germany, where he attended the GEN Ecovillage Design Education program at Siebenlinden Eco-Village. We are excited to incorporate the new ideas that will come from this time of connecting, visioning and learning.
Newsletter August 2014Our Newsletter “Better World News” August 2013 camp edition is now available for download. You’ll find stories from Summer Camp participants and other news, as well as many pictures.

We’re planning next years camp under the Theme

Share your Knowledge

Create the Future

If you would like to volunteer to help marketing or supporting the planning, please connect with our Bamenda office. We look forward to meeting you.

Our Big Project

If you’ve been connected to Better World you will already know about Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-Village and our plans for a Learning Center and Eco-Lodge.

At the site volunteers have been busy digging and clearing for a road, and we’re moving forward on the preparation for construction of the Meeting Hall. This circular building will be our first building to use as facility for groups to learn about permaculture and related community issues.

Part of my contribution as volunteer here has been the design and drawing of plans for the buildings. Front pageYour funding support will be very much appreciated. Contact our supporting charity Nadnifor Gardens UK Trust if you wish to contribute.

Our Gratitude goes to

  • GEN Europe for making Joshua’s trip possible
  • Permaculturist and web-wiz Justin Tilson for providing a wordpress ‘sandbox’ to build this site and for helping with the transition.
  • All our Volunteers and Board Members
  • Luke White in Great Britain for continued hosting of our site.
  • The Budget team at Ndanifor Gardens UK Trust and GEN (you know who you are) for ongoing help to get this project moving forward.




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