women can build stoves for their kitchens

Natural Building starts at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage

Get ready for some building action in the new year as we begin construction on our first eco-hut. Since Elke Cole is with us it seems only logical to start building with natural materials from our site or close by. Elke has many years of experience as Natural Builder and teacher.

We offer two parallel teaching programs starting January 13, 2014:

Earthen wood saving stove

Women build house, stove and oven

This course teaches local women how to build from foundation to roof with local materials. Part of the training is the building of a fuel saving wood cook stove, which will allow participants to build their own after the training.  A community oven will be built as part of our outdoor kitchen. Our Ecovillage learning center will benefit by having a stove and oven ready to be used.

Youth learn construction skills

Eco-Home building training for Youth

Especially aimed at young people this course offers skills training, hands-on, to empower them to build their own homes in the future. Aside from the practical knowledge we will discuss good practice and appropriate technologies.

Free community learning

Both programs are offered free for those who can commit to participating:
1 day (women) or 2 days (youth)  per week for 12 weeks.

We are also inviting international natural building volunteers to join this project . This is an outreach effort through our social networks , thePOOSH and Elke’s website.

Donations of construction tools, and some building materials (see our wishlist) are welcome!

many possibilities with earthen walls

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