Bafut youth learn eco-building

Our first week of natural building training brought 13 women and 12 Youth to Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage. We started with the women: they cleared the site and laid out the footprint for the eco-hut.

from plan to groundThe design of the building is based on circles so we followed a string line tied to a center post to determine the outline. With tropical hoes and a pick we established the edges of foundation trenches and removed the top soil.

hand digging the trenchOur discussion and teaching pieces were centered on observing the land and finding good places for a building while preserving farmland, water and trees. Ecological building is based on the relationships between existing natural conditions and our intention for a house. In a brainstorm about house and kitchen needs we exchanged ideas and discussed the planned cook stove and oven building of this program.

women discuss house designThe youth day continued the work. We had a significant age range of youth working with us, and they all put great effort into digging the complete trench for the walls.

youth work during trainingeco hut excavation completeNew participants are welcome- Fridays and Saturdays are open to drop in. For directions to the site please connect with Sonita.




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