Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage

Welcome to Ndanifor Eco-lodge and Permaculture Learning Center

Located at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage in Bawum, Bafut.

We are developing a full featured Eco-lodge and learning center and are pleased to have our first phase of a Meeting Hall and kitchen ready to welcome groups. Booking inquiries can be directed at our Bamenda office.

Our facility is an ecological demonstration building showing local craftsmanship and local materials. The Bafut region is rich with natural building materials like clay-soil, stone, wood and raphia palm. These are used for foundation, walls and interior finishing as well as furniture.

During construction we train young builders in ecological practices and innovative alternatives, as well as applying traditional craft-skills into a modern design.

The design for the buildings of the Learning Center is based on Permaculture.  The site planning incorporates climate, local ecology, the protection of species, promotion of medicinal plants, and securing a natural spring for quality drinking water supply.

Our Volunteer Elke Cole, a natural builder, designer and representative from O.U.R. Ecovillage in Canada,  has created conceptual plans .

PC Map January 2014 PC Map January 2014Located near the entrance to our Eco-Village site,  the Meeting Hall will welcome the visitor offering shelter, food, and classroom/ meeting places.

Construction and development are taking place as follows:

Phase 1, 2013/14:

Our first composting toilet  was built by our Summer Work Camp 2013.

We have built our first “Eco-hut” in a training program with women and youth. The hut offers a peaceful place for one or two people to enjoy a private retreat. It will also be available to house facilitators of programs and volunteers of BWC.

first eco-hutPhase 2, 2014/15:

The construction of a Meeting Hall  was completed in April 2015. The circular hall is designed for groups of up to 50 people. There is an attached kitchen, featuring an improved cook stove and bread oven.

This building was funded by LUSH Charity Pot, Canada

meeting hall for BWC
Floor plan of Meeting hall and kitchen

meeting room for seminars seminar room at Ndanifor Ecovillage


Phase 3, 2015/16

The current phase is adding more accommodation options for seminar participants and individual guests. This will include a Dormitory to provide indoor accommodation for groups up to 28 people or individual volunteers and visitors. We will also add more small cabins adding to the Eco-lodge section of our site. Once again LUSH Charity Pot in Canada is supporting us.

sketch of dormitoryThis year will also set up a water catchment for our spring, providing clean drinking water directly from our site. A donation from Toledo Foundation is bring solar electric power to the site.

Follow the progress of construction on our Facebook page and our blog and a photo album is continually updated.

Looking ahead:

Social housing models to be created to set example of healthy, fair priced, community minded housing options with a process that can be replicated in other situations.

Working buildings for farm and businesses, including an office, gift shop and more gathering spaces.