I am Suh Honorine. I first came in contact with Better World Cameroon in 2011. I had just
completed school and needed to fine tune the next step in life; which to me was specializing in environment related fields because of my love of nature. The summer work camp worked well, inspiring me and guiding my choice of specialization. I finally chose to do developmental studies, after which I volunteered for 18 months as field officer in an integrated agriculture project. Today I am glad to be volunteering with Better World Cameroon which is my  way of contributing to the development of my community.
I have a craving for sustainability! I see everything from landscapes to streams and rivers degrading drastically including the extinction of wildlife.
 BWC is a great opportunity for me learn more sustainable ways of handling these issues especially in the domain of sustainable agricultural techniques. The Permaculture concept, entrepreneurship, proposal writing and project conception to completion are the things I would love to get an in depth knowledge of  along with  other things as the opportunity shows up.
 Here, I will also build on my bilateral and multi lateral relations given the cream of staff and other volunteers from cross cultural backgrounds I can work with and learn from.
Before I had only heard and read of ecovillages in other parts of the world. I am very happy that I will be working with others at the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage to make it a better place and actually witness the birth of one not only in my own country, but also here in my own village.

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