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BetterNews December 2015 In this edition:Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 6.56.03 PM

Director’s message and updates

Adminstrator’s report

Volunteer introductions

Director profile

Summer Camp report

Farm reports

Opening celebration of learning Centre

Report from World family UK

BetterNews November 2014 In this edition:

Volunteers- introductions

Updates from the director

Administrators message

Farm update

Building update- Grants received

Student Nature Club

New Column! : Using Bafut Language

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 2.59.26 PM

Past editions of BetterNews

BetterNews August 2013 Camp Edition

In this edition: Photos and Contributions by 2013 Summer Workcamp Participants and Better World International Volunteers

BetterNews May 2013    In this edition:

Editorial- Better COOP/ NPE/  “Together For A Better World” International Summer Workcamp

Ndanifor Gardens UK Trust visits BWC

Summer Work Camp 2013

Joining Forces! BWC, GEN, VSO, NGUKT and Bafut Council

BWC celebrates World Water Day

Eco Village Project State of Advancement

Networking As A Full Time Job


BetterNews January 2013  In this edition:

Editorial- BWC’s Contribution to the Advancement of Global Eco Village Network (GEN) Africa’s Objectives

Summer Workcamp 2013

BWC Relaunches Operation 4000 Trees Project

My First Experience at BWC

Nature Club Makes 2013 A Year of New Dreams

14th International Wildlife Law Conference BWC Scores High

BWB starts Permaculture Garden to Help Orphans

VSO-BWC Partnership Review

BWB Invests in Functional Education

Social Business Takes Root in BWB


BetterNews Nov/ Dec 2012   In this edition:

Editorial- Bringing Young People Together For Training and Employability

Yaounde III Council Greening the City

Queens for Peace Nat’l Forum

Youth Participation in Governance

Updates from BWC Bamenda

Spirit of Ndanifor

GEN Africa is born

The Cry of Mother Earth

Thinking Ahead

Uprising of Women Entrepreneurs BWBamenda

BetterNews Sept/Oct 2012   In this edition:

Editorial- Eco-Village Project Gaining International Visibility

Progress on Operation 4000 trees project

Green Heart of Africa (GHOA) Global Initiative

Global Handwashing Day Celebrations

Plastics- A Huge Problem That can be a Good Solution

BetterNews June 2012  In this edition:

Editorial-2012-2015 Strategic Plan

Making WASH a tool for Sustainable Development in  Cameroon

BWC participates in Urban Regeneration of City Slums Yaounde III Municipality by Tree Planting

World Environment Day 2012

Summer Work Camp takes a new Turn

BWC in Life Changing Workshops

BetterNews March 2012  In this edition:

Editorial- New Beginnings

Coordinator Report

BC Participates at NGO Fair Bamenda

Moringa- Nutritional Dynamite

BWC Visitors

BWC at Women’s Day Celebrations


Youth Action Convention

Africa Climate Challenge

World Water Day 2012

Deroulment Du Programme E-Class





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