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Ecovillage design, Sectors and Zones, Social Permaculture, Food forests, Swales and Banana Showers…..buzzwords of permaculture and key topics for the 2014 International Summer Camp schedule. This is action oriented, experiential learning of permaculture and closely related areas of interest in the African context.

permaculture diagram by Elke Cole

Youth from different cultural backgrounds as participants and facilitators will have opportunity to explore the meaning of sustainable living for each other.

What’s EOTO? Each one teach one is the built in “sharing knowledge and skills” section, where participants of the camp facilitate a short session on a topic of their choice or run a short hands-on workshop. Whether it’s a dance you know, a gardening technique or a communication exercise you want to facilitate: the floor is open.

This years camp is leading toward a larger event in 2016 called EDE for Ecovillage Design Education- a special Permaculture training in relationship to ecovillage development.  Parallel to the camp we are hosting a Mini EDE this Summer and the camp participates part time in these sessions.

Now that’s a fantastic opportunity to benefit from international facilitators like Kevin Mascarenhas and get close up with what the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is all about.

The draft schedule for the Summer Camp is now available for download.

Don’t you think it’s time to come to Bamenda?



2 thoughts on “Permaculture at the heart of the 2014 International Summer camp”

  1. i really wish i could take part in camp in bafut,it is just that i am in is good thing to share cultural value and technique on sustainable permaculture and again experience of community development and capacity building

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