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Welcome to “TOGETHER FOR A BETTER WORLD” INTERNATIONAL SUMMER WORKCAMP – a month long learning programme for youth focusing on self-designed learning, regenerative livelihoods, healthy living, and social justice.

Better World Cameroon (BWC) in collaboration with Bafut Council announces the  5th Edition of Cameroon International Workcamp organized in collaboration with Global Ecovillage Network GENAfrica and GAIA Education from 5th to 14th August, 2015 at Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage Demonstration Centre, Bafut. International participants are encouraged to sign up for the Ecovillage Design Education EDE (Education for Sustainable Development) 16-23rd August 2015, an opportunity to learn Permaculture the African Way!

The Camp aims at bringing together youth from different parts of the world to promote solidarity and foster cross-cultural education. It is designed to acquaint participants with skills and knowledge of basic Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) and develop a Spirit of Volunteering in order to transform youth into change makers.

Our goal is to provide a diverse community of graduate volunteers and underprivileged youth with training opportunities for them to become entrepreneurs instead of job seekers.

We connect social enterprise practitioners from Cameroon to the world of sustainable develop with practical guidance and tools, build capacity, and help set standards to advance our common vision of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: a sustainable income in every household.

Bafut Ecovillage is a community experiment that emphasizes the creation of new social and youth entrepreneurship structures that can enable the emergence of healing, love and trust between all living creatures. Bafut Ecovillage is experimenting with ecological agriculture innovation, eco building technology, inter-personal relationships, peace, food, energy autonomy and Next Generation Education. Read more information on Bafut Ecovillage Vision2020 on this web site.

Registration is currently going on. FB-

National participants can also drop by our office at Che Street, Ntarikon Bamenda or Bafut Council.

IMGA0890001Contact details:

Tel: 677 89 1580/675 03 8445

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One thought on “PRESS RELEASE”

  1. I think Permanent Agriculture is a good Idea.
    Traditional African Technology is also important in this our age if Africa is to get the benefits of the new Information Age.
    We must Upload Local Technology and Download Foreign Technology so that there should be Information Interchange or Exchange. That is what the Global
    Village is all about…

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