Progress looks like seeing the Meeting Hall/Kitchen close to completion and the land transformed in preparation for planting.


All around the community residents have been busy cultivating, moving the previous year’s vegetative material off the beds and in between the rows. The earth is then piled on top and  unfortunately the majority of farmers then light this resource on fire where it smolders for a few hours.
On the farm at Ndanifor Ecovillage we choose instead to compost the organic residue to hold moisture and improve the quality of the soil, creating humus. It will take some time to educate and inform the local folks. It is happening slowly. We model this alternative process. The Learning Center will contribute to better understanding, increased yields eventually and improved air quality.
Elke and I were given a small bed to grow a few vegetables..  and yes we are leaving!  We’ve asked Beatrice  and Dorothy to take care of it for us during our absence. We return in October when (I hope!) the corn will have matured, the squash will be well formed and ripe, and beans ready to harvest for those delicious meals through the dry season. I also planted some Irish (potatoes)  at the new moon, although, nothing has appeared yet.
There is so much to do and so much has been accomplished. The Ecohut is very close to being habitable, two more windows to install, the floor needs a final coat and burnish and then we’ll spend a couple of nights before we return to Europe and Canada for the summer months.
Behind the Ecohut Eric and Christopher have been very busy constructing the Seed House. Using locally accessed, traditional materials and design it is a wonderful example of local know-how and heritage revisited.

raffia ceiling

As storage  and retreat space for our director, it is also an approriate metaphor –  he will continue to imagine and vision the future while protecting the actual seeds, future generations of people and food crops, trees and tubers.
It has been a productive 6 months. The Learning Center (one of those seed ideas) started with a circle on the ground. circle on ground.jpg

We now have an enclosed open space with tile roof, locally produced in Bamessing, along with beautiful bamboo (raffia) window panels.putting ridge tiles on Kitchen.jpg

Elke windows.jpg

When it was just a line in the earth it looked so small. Now it can host groups of learners of all ages in creating a Better World. I am thrilled to be part of these efforts, the regard of the local residents working the land, the awe and smiles on visitors faces are all great reward for accomplishments so far.

Imagine yourself participating in this amazing adventure!

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