By Samson Nuvaga Ntangtang

Sustainable Sanitation in Schools-A New Paradigm.

Our intention with this project is to bolster software sanitation (sensitization, hygiene practices, monitoring, training and advocacy) in school through pragmatic simple techniques based on daily realities. From our findings, children less than six lack knowledge, are responsible for poor use of toilet facilities and are unable to properly clean themselves and toilet facilities after use.
The project is presently running at Government Bilingual Primary School, Biyem ASSI, Yaoundé. The school has an enrollment of 1300 pupils; partition in four groups and four head teachers.

The primary activities have been to teach children how to make a TIPPY TAP and the proper manner of hand washing. By the end of this school year, we intend to cover all classes in the school, both French and English session. Participation has been very encouraging. Many of the pupils are multiplying their knowledge and almost all have made a personal TIPPY TAP in their houses.
This new paradigm adopted by BWC is based on making learning a recreation. Through this method children get the message and behavioral change is encouraging.

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