As a new team member in Bamenda, I feel blessed with the opportunity to take care of a plot that the Director, Konkankoh Joshua, has given me for my personal crops. He feels that there is abundance in the earth and it is appropriate that the volunteers who are actively contributing to the development of  Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage should be given opportunity to grow their own crops for healthy livelihood.Beatrice and compost.jpg
Last week I  cultivated the soil on the ridges and planted  maize/corn, beans, groundnuts and some locally grown squash seed that  volunteer Clive Michael received from Justina, one of the women builders/farmers.plant groundnuts.jpg
It is an exciting experience for me to take this action, knowing that it is for my personal use. I take this opportunity to thank the Director for that initiative because it is my first experience to work on a plot where I will own the end product.


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