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Terra Nova Voice, the newsletter of Tamera Ecovillage has recently published a powerful interview with Joshua.

Joshua Konkankoh

the following is the beginning of the article:

Africa, who are you? 
What is Africa today in a world of global capitalism and a rapidly growing global crisis? What is the heart of this continent, this cradle of civilization? And who are the African youth of today, especially in the context of vast uprisings of entire generations all around the globe? 

Joshua Konkankoh Ngwa runs a project for youth and agriculture in Cameroon called “Better World.” His life is dedicated to the youth of Africa – restoring their roots to their ancestry and at the same time linking them to the global transformation humanity is in. The questions noted above are part of his daily work, living in the tension of western solutions and African reality. “We are not allowed to lose our youth to the western dream as this is a total myth,” was the sentence that initiated this interview. I asked him to deepen his view on the wrong dream of the West.

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