At Better World Cameroon, we are the change we want to see. At the Ndanifor Permaculture Ecovillage in Bafut, the permaculture vision of permanent or sustainable agriculture is really evolving.  We practice organic agriculture where the native grass serves as an essential natural material to boost agricultural productivity.
Over the past months, the BWC volunteer team and the local women farmers have cleared the grass, leaves and other growing plants a few times and piled it up to compost.women clear farm.jpg

On the 17th March 2015,  we prepared the soil for planting, having previously cleared away last season’s vegetation.  We collected the partially composted grass from the piles and along with last year’s cornstalks, bean plants and dead weeds, laid it between the rows.

After this action,  the composted material was diligently covered with earth in such a way as to prevent erosion, and support the crops we plant.

Patricia turns earth.jpg

The buried grass provides some nitrogen that will fertilize the ridges, creating humus and providing a sponge for moisture during the long dry season. This will improve the soil and the quality of crops producing the best they can for our livelihood.
Is it not flabbergasting to see that all around people are still very busy burning away the grass that has been meant by nature to nurture the soil?

smoking earth.jpg

Please let us join our hands together and do the right thing for a better world for all in the 21st Century.

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