OUR ecovillage on Vancouver Island
OUR Ecovillage in Canada
View of the land at OUR Ecovillage

by Brandy Gallagher

After 10 years of Elke Cole and Brandy Gallagher together building OUR ECOVILLAGE’s onsite school “Topia…many changes have come to pass. During the last  decade there have been Internships, short and long courses, public tours and customized programs.

Yurt at OUR Ecovillage
The Yurt is one of the buildings used for group work at OUR Ecovillage

Through the involvement of 11 Universities/Colleges, many, many public and private elementary and secondary school programs over 10,000 folks connecting through OUR ECOVILLAGE …..we have become more international.

natural building at OUR Ecovillage
The Art Studio and Bath house are built with Earth

Across the miles Elke and Brandy have yet again struck up another possibility and brought OUR ECOVILLAGE and Ndanifor Permaculture Eco-Village  together in partnership. Being Intercultural, intergenerational and interfaith has OUR team working towards always finding new ways to bring forward educational framework for ecological living, natural building, and permaculture design.

As a 25 acre Regenerative Living Demonstration Site and Education Centre (founded in 1999) OUR ECOVILLAGE has created itself as the most built out Permaculture Education centre in Canada.  We already facilitate multiple partnerships between government, academia, business/corporate, and the grassroots of the wider community and we are very excited and hopeful of where this new partnership will take everyone.

food production at OUR Ecovillage
The Garden produces food for the onsite Zero Mile Eatery

Fundraising will begin in 2014 which will work towards programming that is focused on social justice, ecological living and regenerative food/housing/living education which benefits multiple organizations in each country.

the sanctuary at OUR Ecovillage
Inside the Sanctuary, one of the public buildings at OUR Ecovillage


Brandy Gallagher is the founder and executive director of OUR Ecovillage


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