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by Sonita Mbah

As the New Generation finds its way through chaos, volunteering has proven to be a most appropriate starting point in professionalism. To celebrate International Volunteer Day on December 5, 2013,  I, along with approximately 40 National and international volunteers in Bamenda, participated actively in Media outreach and a flash mob  at the local food market, organized by Volunteer Service Oversea (VSO).

market interviews
Interviewing market sellers in Bamenda

Our group acknowledged the positive impact of volunteering in developing a ‘New Bamenda’. We see how it benefits the public and provides opportunities to take steps toward social responsibility.

During the following week the population of Bamenda was exposed to education programs on reproductive health, gender based violence and market development through photo, voice and customer service. Our 15 VSO National Volunteers are emerging with a new found spirit of creativity and innovation thanks to Michelle Hain (VSO international volunteer)’s prowess in facilitation. We all move forward into our community initiatives confidently backing up social change.

Volunteering has been a driving force in Better World Cameroon (BWC) since its creation in 1996. Thanks to our volunteer placements in 2013, BWC found a formidable force for community mobilization, youth sensitization and way forward for BWC-VSO- partnership.

Sonita Mbah is Better World Bamenda’s administrator currently supported by VSO

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