Better World Cameroon director and volunteers,  along with others, receive acknowledgement and honouring from Bafut Palace.

HonouringOn February 10 2016 the final piece of the Bafut Palace rehabilitation was achieved.  An important celebration and acknowledgment of the financial support from the US embassy which included the publishing of two books; one on Customs and Traditions of the Bafut Fondom  penned by His Majesty Fon ABUMBI II and  a catalogue of Artifacts of the Bafut Peoples by Professor Paul N. Nkwi and Professor Raymond N. Asombang. Our contribution was the short video commissioned to record the rebuilding of the Achum roof. The event was well attended by elites and notables of Bafut community dressed in their traditional ceremonial robes and was colourful and impressive.US Ambassador speaks to assemblyDirector Joshua Konkankoh, Elke Cole and myself, CM Justice, were called up to stand with builders, the US Ambassador and other significant contributors to be decorated by His Majesty Fon ABUMBI II. This was followed by the official ribbon cutting and a short tour of the building perimeter.

Earlier in the day the US group  had toured the Palace site and museum accompanied by Mayor Langsi, the District Officer and other important players with members of the Royal family.

To open the ceremony a group of school children led the national anthem and  Bafut anthem followed by speeches of welcome and dancing groups entertaining the assembled  visitors. dancers at celebrationThe press was there snapping pictures and video photographing the proceedings.
As a newly initiated member of Bafut society I felt exceptionally honoured to receive a red feather,  symbol of distinction and promotion of the Fondom along with a porcupine quill, symbol of power, both installed into my Cameroonian cap/hat by his Majesty Fon ABUMBI II.BWC Director and volunteers honouredElke received a “proper” women’s necklace and a traditional bag. Joshua was also honoured with a feather and quill.

No doubt there will be responsibilities, obligations and  attendance required as we continue being integrated into this fascinating culture.


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