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Tomoyoki Muriizumi:

Some of BWC members taught me to sing the Cameroon national anthem. Cameroon meals have good taste! They have similar taste to Japanese dishes. So, Japanese participants will be happy to eat them. Especially, plantain is good.

Anne Duflo:

This study visit included also the discovery of the culture through Cameroonian dishes, Ndanifor dance and the meeting people day, walking on the mountain and the visit of the city.


I visited Cameroon for the first time to find that Cameroon is a good destination for volunteers to visit because it’s a peaceful country, and people are kind and friendly.


My first experience was wonderful! It’s hard to explain the African feelings inside me but noises, people, colors, smells make me strangely feel like at home.
C’est assez difficile d’expliquer les sensations que me procure l’Afrique…le bruit, les gens, les odeurs, les couleurs me donnent bizarrement l’impression
d’être chez moi ici.

Essemo Livo:

There was the joy of doing difficult tasks together which removes the heavy burden considerably. Cleaning the stream was a cool thing to do alongside other volunteers! Being academically mature but practically a novice on the environment I became initiated to sensitizing people on environmental issue with sketches and dances.

Wirdin Bernice:

French‐Cameroon relations were exciting especially for the French
volunteers through their exclamations of believe and disbelief. Despite the fact that the French have become very unpopular because of their policies in Africa it is interesting to see how young people easily put politics behind them.
When we started climbing there were showers of blessing (rain) and the foot path became more slippery and many people fell and laughed even more. Interesting natural plants and animal species were discovered when one went crashing into the underbrush.

Marie Acard:

Les musiques y accompagnent chacun de nos gestes quotidiens, de nos
réflexions, de nos collaborations et de nos découvertes. Musique classique, R&B, musique traditionnelle camerounaise, Jazz, Blues…Miraculeusement, chacune d’entre elles épouse parfaitement bien ce cadre idyllique.


I experienced the merit of team work and togetherness through theater for development.

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