camp participants at work

Work-Trade opportunities for 2017 Summer Camp

Our International Summer Camp is a volunteer based event. We have several part-time jobs during the camp that we offer in trade for part of the camp fee.

These positions are ideal for people who are eager to participate in the camp but need to find another way to pay the fee. Your camp fee will be reduced according to workload.

It is important that you understand that as a work-trade participant you will not be able to attend all sessions of the camp.

Please apply only if you have the required skills and be specific about the job you are applying for.

  • Site preparation and set up (July)

Build local floor beds out of bamboo

Build and maintain outdoor showers and local eco toilets

Required Skills: Ability to follow directions and take responsibility for job completion, some carpentry experience, thinking creatively, problem solving, must be physically fit and able to work self directed


  • Kitchen help

Works under direction of lead cook.

Prepare food,

Work with wood cookstove

Washing dishes

Serving meals

Required skills: Love for food and serving food, some food safety knowledge, open to new ideas and suggestions from participants, team player, time conscious, happily get up early for breakfast duty, able to enroll help in a positive way,


  • Guest facilitator (During Camp August 21-27)

If you have a specific skill to offer, we invite you to write to us. Our planning team will consider if your topic/ activity suits this camp.

We expect: Good communication skills, well prepared  sessions, applicable expertise, passionate attitude regarding your topic


  • Camp caretaker (During Camp August 21-27)

Oversees chores like cleaning, dishes etc.

Makes sure supplies are in place

Works with coordinator, cook and facilitators

Responsible for waste management

Required skills: Attention to detail, care for place and things, ability to organize tasks, Self motivated. Self directed, works  in connection with camp lead-team.


  • Video/ Photo documentation for internet (During and after camp)

Shooting quality footage

Regular posting to media

Production of documentary video

Skills: experience with film and photo, experience editing and publishing media, high communication skills, organizational skills, and of course creativity

Now’s the time to apply:

Please fill out all spaces of the form below. We will review all applications and communicate with you. Thank you from the volunteers of Better World Bamenda