women learn about eco-building

Schoeck Familien StiftungThis training program is funded by Schoeck Familien Stiftung.

Ecological building is an important part of Permaculture.

The North-West region of Cameroon has plenty of local building materials and a rich tradition using them. In our work we combine modern knowledge with traditional methods to create beautiful sustainable buildings.

During construction of our meeting hall at our demonstration site we offer a parallel training program for our community in Bafut.

From November 2014 until April 2015 the following programs will be taking place to bring understanding of ecological building to different groups.

Community Work Parties

Community culture in Bafut involves community work where members are expected to participate in projects. We will introduce ideas of “Ecological Building” to the participants as we work on the building site.

Exchange of skills with local builders

Local craftsmen are hired to build our hall. This is an opportunity for knowledge and skill exchange. We discuss details of the building and promote ecological choices and understanding.

raffia bamboo roof frame
Traditional raffia roof truss

Further training of the Women builders

We have worked with a group of Women in Alegnwi on the Eco-hut as a volunteer training program in 2014. This group is returning to participate in the construction of the hall and will learn more building techniques and deepen their knowledge around eco-building concepts.

women builders at Women's day celebration

Introducing Ecological building to community technical schools

Our Ecological building training also moves out into the larger community with visits to technical schools. We offer a lecture and slide show on Ecological building to prepare students for a hands-on training day at our site.

Ecological building at COTECC
Students of COTECC were the first recipients of our presentation

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  1. Hello everyone!I’m Marion, from France and trnevliag around Europe, to get to know projects as yours.I wanted to know if you accept volunteers, to help you with what you have to do at the moment (building, gardening, and more).We are two, in our van (so no need for a bed) and will be in Portugal in may.Please let me know if you are interested or if you want more infos about us )Hope to meet you soon,Marion

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