As an organization promoting environmental protection by the proposing alternative ways of living, education, green opportunities and empowerment, BWC was one of the stakeholders of the World Environment week organized in Bamenda.
Each year, the World Environment Day takes place on June 5th. The organizations of the city dealing with the environment and the Regional Delegation of the environment organized a bigger event this year by allocating a whole week to for this event from May 31st to the June 6th, 2016.
On the 31st of May, a press Conference was organized at the Regional Delegation of the environment, Up Station, Bamenda.  The event started with an introduction of all those present and then followed by a rundown of the week’s activities. BWC got a chance to introduce its up- coming events and projects.

On the June 1st, the Girl power of BWC was represented the team: Emeldine Fru, Leona Franke and Timia Tandi went to Chomba to plant trees with the communities in the villages. This tree planting activity provided an opportunity for the people attending to speak to each other. There was equally hiking to the mountains.
After the Quiz organized for students on the 2nd, all the stakeholders met to hike and spend a night in the Kedjum Keku forest. BWC members stayed a night in the forest and had fun activities such as Rap battles, football, drama show, endless discussions around the bonfire, short night in the hut and lts more.

Students prepare for the quiz

An exhibition took place at the MINEPAT(Ministry of Economy Planning and Regional Development) building, last Monday June 6th to officially celebrate the World environmental day. Better World during this event introduced its activities and product to the public.

Governor’s representative and the public visit our stand

As a proper closing to this celebration, a movie-screening followed by a debate under the theme of deforestation will be take place on the 17th of April at the French Alliance (more information to come). This also creates chance strengthened cooperation between people interested in a social and ecological transition. Let’s keep building a network of alternatives constituting a path towards the African way of sustainability.

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  1. The Better World Students Nature Club BSNC performed brilliantly in our reach out programme to foster ecovillages development in the North West Region BRAVO!
    We are now receiving positive feed back from the communities and creating links with other inspiring ecovillage initiatives.

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