Better world Cameroon, on behalf of management takes immense pleasure in announcing to you the Launch of our Youth SIRCle project, youth SIRCle Innovation Lab and fundraising event.
The Youth SIRCle project is an Erasmus+ funded partnership project between Better World Cameroon, Andelstanken, Global ecovillage Ghana and Global Ecovillage Network that enables young people with a passion for sustainable development collaborate to co-create the future, while empowering each other to marry their love for the planet with the ability to make a living. Youth SIRCle creates bonds and partnerships between young social entrepreneurs from Cameroon, Denmark, Ghana and the UK.

Better World Cameroon is hosting an Innovation Lab from March 17th to 24th 2018. This innovation lab will bring together young entrepreneurs from Denmark, Ghana, UK and Cameroon to empower each other through sharing of ideas and experiences and to pitch their business ideas to each other. During this Lab, we would have an event to launch the SIRcle project in Cameroon, the innovation lab and a fundraising event. The event scheduled for the 23rd of March, 2018 and the venue is fixed at the Bafut Ecovillage/Touristic Site at Alegnwi Bafut, Mambu Road. Arrival is scheduled between 8-9am and the event will commence at 9am prompt and you must know that the event is also a fundraising event.

As you know many young people today in Cameroon, Africa and the world are unemployed because our societies cannot provide sufficient jobs for all. This being the situation, the four partners involved in the project, has taken the initiative to raise funds in our different countries to support these young social entrepreneurs and their innovative ideas. The main aim behind holding a fund raising event is to mainly focus on the career of these young business women and men and give them support in terms of capacity building and provide them with seed capital to launch their great ideas. Hence it would be great if you honored us with your presence. We look forward to seeing you at our event. We request you to attend the event along with family, friends and colleagues to encourage the innovative minds of these young entrepreneurs

2 thoughts on “Youth SIRCle Innovation Lab in Cameroon”

  1. HI! Excellent initiative: I would very much like the Ecovillages movement in Africa to inspire young people from the North and the South! Many questions and answers on my site:
    In French:
    For example:
    How to promote ecovillage in Africa on a large scale and quickly? What strategies?
    What financing, or finding them?
    How to get involved with big foundations and GAFA (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft)
    How to find umbrella NGOs in Europe and Africa and motivate them?
    How to create an African network of resource centers, demonstration and project monitoring?
    How to engage the African diaspora around the world?
    What could be the benefits for Europe? (for example: curbing the rural exodus in Africa as in Europe, educating and training young people, especially those from difficult neighborhoods in Europe and among migrants …)

    Ideas for study topics (use the google machine translation tool)
    En français:

    Excellente initiative: je souhaiterais beaucoup que le mouvement des Ecovillages en Afrique puisse inspirer des jeunes du Nord et du Sud ! Beaucoup de questions et de pistes de réponses sur mon site:
    Par exemple:
    Comment promouvoir les écovillages en Afrique ? Quelle stratégies?
    Quels financements, ou les trouver ?
    Comment arriver à impliquer les grandes fondations et les GAFA (Google, Facebook, Amazone, Apple, Microsoft)
    Comment trouver des ONGs de tutelle en Europe et en Afrique et les motiver ?
    Comment créer un réseau africain de centres de ressources, de démonstration et de suivi des projets ?
    Comment faire participer la diaspora africaine à travers le monde ?
    Quels pourraient être les bénéfices pour l’Europe ? (par exemple: freiner l’exode rural en Afrique comme en Europe, sensibiliser et former les jeunes notamment ceux des quartiers difficiles en Europe et parmi les migrants…)

    Des idées de sujets d’études

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