With the rise of the new global health pandemic, we have been forced to ignore an already existing pandemic which has been ravaging Africa and other 3rd world countries for decades now. This pandemic is hunger and if no attention is given to the situation many more people will die from it than from the virus.

With these new restrictions and lockdowns, it is important that we rethink our attitude around food. With global health pandemics and climate change creating a world of unknowns, we still have the power to plan for the future of food and livelihoods – a future with long-term planetary health and human well-being at the fore.

Join Crystel at this year’s Global Landscapes Forum Bonn Digital Conference and get an inside look at the latest sustainable food innovations. See how the world’s leading organizations use landscapes to solve today’s most pressing challenges.

Crystel, a member of Better World Cameroon, will be speaking at the conference on our behalf and bringing to the conversation what we propose as a solution for Africa and for the world. She was scheduled to be part of the session “Innovative solutions to modern agricultural challenges: in conversation with fishers and farmers”, together with five other speakers, which will take place on Friday June 5th, from 12:30 to 02:00 PM, CET. She will be drawing from our work with communities in Cameroon using our Bafut Ecovillage as a case study.

If you haven’t registered yet hurry and secure a seat. https://events.globallandscapesforum.org/bonn-2020/register. Be part of one of the first global digital conferences tackling food systems! Join us at #GLFBonn2020https://events.globallandscapesforum.org/bonn-2020/. Have your voice in the joint endeavour to ‘build back better’.

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